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Breakthrough in individual differences to intravenous anesthesia drug delivery across from experience to science quantitative drug sedation, analgesia, muscle relaxant three drugs balance, achieve the ideal anesthetic effect

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Concert-CL(Triple channel infusion pump)

CONCERT-CL is a single three channel infusion system which integrates closed-loop target controlled infusion of sedation, closed-loop infusion of muscle relaxants, target controlled infusion mode, and Continuous flow rate infusion mode.The combination of the three channels solves the problem of simultaneous intravenous infusion of analgesics, sedatives and muscle relaxants in clinical practice.

Infusion modes:

1.Continuous flow rate infusion (A Channel, B Channel and C Channel)

2.Plasma target controlled infusion (A and B Channels)

3.Effect site target controlled infusion (A and B channels)

4.Closed-loop target controlled infusion of sedation (A Channel)

5.Closed-loop infusion of muscle relaxant (C Channel)


1.Scientifically control the depth of anesthesia to achieve precise dosage for effective anesthesia intelligently

2.Capable of receiving EEG data,then automatically traces and maintains the optimal levels of sedation and anesthesia during surgery(for 86-100% of time,the index value for EEG is able to be controlled within 40-60)

3.Open-loop target controled analgestic infusion

4.A closed-loop muscle relaxant infusion system monitors each patient's real-time muscle relaxation level and automaticaly infuses the appropriate muscle relaxant dosage correspondingly


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