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Sedation and analgesia, muscle relaxant perfect combination will all functional integration target control closed-loop muscle relaxant

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Concert-I(Triple channel infusion pump)

CONCERT-I is a three channel infusion system which is integrate Continuous-flow infusion, target controlled infusion and closed-loop muscle relaxant infusion functions.The combination of the three channels solves the problem of simultaneous intravenous infusion of analgesics, sedatives and muscle relaxants in clinical practice.

Infusion modes:

1.Continuous flow rate infusion (A Channel, B Channel and C Channel)

2.Plasma target controlled infusion (A and B Channels)

3.Effect site target controlled infusion (A and B channels)

4.Closed-loop infusion of muscle relaxant (C Channel)


1.Target-controlled infusion of both sedation and analgesic drugs

2.A closed-loop muscle relaxant infusion system monitors each patient's real-time muscle relaxation level and automaticaly infuses the appropriate muscle relaxant dosage correspondingly


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